Our passion for baseball has led us to get involved in the manufacturing of one of the most important tools to play this beautiful game.

We began with our baseball bat manufacturing project in 2004. Since then, our goal has been to be the best in the industry. Our company, named RHINO BATS, is located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

We have fine workmanship and have created our own woodturning systems. In the manufacturing of RHINO baseball bats, the paint and finishes are unprecedented. All of our bats are made with MAPLE PRIME Wood imported from the USA.


Our 18-year experience has allowed us to gain knowledge and have constant improvement of tools, raw material, manufacturing systems, and learn how to provide quality service to the people who trust our products. We are humble enough to recognize the errors we have made in the past in our search for excellence. We have a certification from the highest baseball global authority, the IBAF (International Baseball Federation).

Our brand is known in several countries and we have done small-scale exports to the USA. Professional players of all levels have satisfactorily used our RHINO bats.


As a manufacturing company, our mission is bring to our customers the best quality sports products, with the best service.


Our vision is consolidate the quality and prestige of our products and become a leader in baseball bat sales in the North American market.


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